Denmark closes cannabis ‘Pusher Street’ in bohemian Christiania after deadly shootings

After a number of fatal shootings, residents of the well-known hippy enclave Christiania in Copenhagen started digging up the main street of the neighborhood, which is famous for its cannabis trade. They are hoping that this will free the neighborhood from the control of criminal gangs. This year, authorities and inhabitants of Christiania made the decision to dig up what is known to locals as “Pusher Street.” This decision came after the city had tolerated the illicit selling of cannabis for more than fifty years in the former army barracks that hippies claimed during the 1970s.

Despite the fact that Freetown Christiania has become a significant tourist attraction, with more than half a million tourists annually, the authorities and residents of the neighborhood are concerned about the rise in gang violence that is linked to drug trafficking in the area. A spokesman for Christiania named Hulda Mader stated that the organization has always stated that they are in favor of free hash, but that this is not feasible. It is our desire that the street once again be ours.

In recent years, the police have occasionally demolished the cannabis booths, only to have them restored quickly afterward. This has occurred on multiple occasions. According to a statement made to Reuters by the Mayor of Copenhagen, Sophie Haestorp Andersen, “Pusher Street must be eliminated in order for Christiania to continue to exist.”

The scene of the crime that we have witnessed here has been extremely violent… A Christiania that is dwindling away because people are afraid to come here and where we witness the local Christianites being threatened by greedy pushers and dealers is not something that we can tolerate.
During the month of August, a guy who was thirty years old was shot and killed, and four other people were injured, in the streets of Christiana. This was the most recent of several fatal shootings that were tied to organized crime.

Following the destruction of the stalls by the police on Saturday, residents were given the opportunity to claim cobble stones as mementos made from the well-known roadway. To my mind, Pusher Street is the one that is the least distinctive, is that correct? “associate it with things like violence, gangs, murder, threats, and everything else that are actually antithetical to what Christiania is,” said Mathilde Brandstrup, a local resident of Christiania.

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