Musk says Tesla will launch a ‘robotaxi’ on August 8

Elon Musk has long had a strong interest in autonomous vehicles, and he has asserted that they will be one of the most significant items that Tesla will ever produce. To this day, there are no cars that are capable of driving themselves, despite the fact that there have been numerous promises made. On the other hand, Musk made the announcement on X on a Friday afternoon, which is typically a time when businesses like to bury news, that Tesla would reveal its robotaxi on August 8.

His post was straightforward and did not contain any specifics. In a post, the CEO of Tesla, who is also the owner of X, stated, “Tesla Robotaxi unveil on 8/8.” Musk has stated in the past that Tesla will produce a vehicle that does not have controls that a human being can operate. Additionally, he has stated in the past that Tesla automobiles that are outfitted with Full Self-Driving Capability will, with the implementation of software updates, gradually be able to drive themselves more effectively. Musk has stated on multiple occasions that the automobiles will eventually be able to function as completely autonomous taxis and will be able to generate revenue for their owners by making it possible for them to provide taxi rides on their own.

To this point, the business has already exceeded a number of Musk’s forecasts around the time when genuine self-driving vehicles will be feasible. In April of 2019, Tesla announced that it anticipated beginning operations of robotaxis by the year 2020. This was five years ago. The firm forecasted that the autonomous vehicles will have a lifespan of eleven years and travel one million miles, resulting in an annual profit of thirty thousand dollars for both the company and the individuals who operate the vehicles. On the other hand, Musk admitted that his track record of making forecasts might be inaccurate, and that it can sometimes be wrong by a mile.

Currently, Full Self-Driving capacity may be acquired with a new Tesla Model 3, for example, for an additional $12,000 that is added to the car’s buying price of approximately $40,000, which is already quite high. Additionally, it is possible to purchase it on a subscription basis for a price that might go up to $199 each month, depending on the way the automobile was first outfitted. According to the online description provided by Tesla, which is written in a small gray font, “The currently enabled features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous,” this indicates that the vehicle is not currently capable of completely autonomous driving.

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