Passenger, flight attendant injured during severe turbulence on Southwest flight

Two people were hurt as a result of a Southwest Airlines flight that was forced to make an emergency landing in Tampa, Florida, due to the severe turbulence that it encountered on Wednesday morning. Due to the fact that this occurred, the airplane was compelled to make the landing. We received this information from a representative of Tampa International Airport, who responded to our inquiry and provided us with the information.

According to a statement that was published by Southwest Airlines, the pilot of Southwest Flight 4273 declared an emergency after noticing turbulence on board the Boeing 737 jet with which they were traveling. During that particular period of time, the flight was currently in transit from New Orleans to Orlando. It was being transported from New Orleans to Orlando.

The following is an excerpt from a statement that was issued: “The Captain declared an emergency, which is a requirement to deviate from a filed flight plan.” Furthermore, the statement claimed that the Captain had requested that paramedics be present prior to the landing of the aircraft in order to assess any potential injuries that may have occurred there. This was done in order to determine whether or not the landing was successful.

An airline firm has reported that a passenger and a flight attendant were sent to a medical facility in the Tampa area for treatment of their injuries. In close proximity to Tampa National Airport is where you will find the hospital. CNN has been informed by a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that the agency is currently conducting an investigation into the event that occurred. It has been brought to CNN’s attention that the investigation is currently being carried out.

Storms that produced severe weather from the Ohio Valley to the Deep South on Tuesday were draped over the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday morning, bringing strong thunderstorms to the area, according to CNN Weather. As they moved from the Ohio Valley to the Deep South, these storms moved forward. The storms that occurred on Tuesday were the ones that were responsible for the terrible weather that took place yesterday. These storms were responsible for the transmission of severe weather all the way from the Ohio Valley to the Deep South.

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