‘SNL’ performer Sarah Sherman hilariously responds to TikToker’s claim that the program had never hired a ‘hot woman

When it comes to people commenting on her visual look as well as the physical appearance of her fellow cast members, Sarah Sherman, who is a member of the cast of “Saturday Night Live,” has a sense of humor with regard to the situation. There is no one who is surprised by this outcome. “Just found out I’m not hot,” Sherman said on her X page on Monday, and she uploaded the remark. Sherman also posted the message. I would want to request that you kindly give me and my family the space we require in order to grieve in a manner that is both private and ugly at this time.

A video that was uploaded in March and has since gained widespread attention was the subject of Sherman’s response. During the video, Jahelis, the creator of TikTok, poses the question, “Am I the only person who has ever noticed that the sitcom Saturday Night Live has never hired a hot woman?” During this video, Sherman was providing commentary.

Over the course of the video, Jahelis discusses her thoughts on a number of specific cast members of Saturday Night Live (SNL), both those who are now on the show and those who have previously been on it, with relation to their physical appearances. She also raises the topic of whether or not the show makes judgments on purpose based on appearances, advocating a “theory” that “in order to be considered funny, you need to be more funny than you are hot.”

On the social media platform TikTok, Chloe Troast, who is also a cast member on Saturday Night Live, posted a response to the recorded video. In it, she shared a video of herself performing the ballad “Beautiful,” which was first performed by Christina Aguilera in 2002 and is significant because it emphasizes the significance of empowerment and inclusivity.

She went on to assert that some of the comments she has received from other users that are “racially charged” are “a perfect example of performative feminism that only cares about ‘everyone being nice to each other’ and not actually making changes that improve the lives of women.” She said this in reference to the comments that she has received from other users because she has received them.

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