Walmart shoppers may receive $500 in a class-action settlement

Customers who shop at Walmart may be eligible to receive as much as $500 as part of a settlement reached by the retailer in a class-action lawsuit about charges that it overcharged customers for particular products. In a complaint that was initially brought in late 2022 and then amended in 2023, it was alleged that Walmart “falsely inflated” the pricing of some sold-by-weight products. These products included those that featured the retailer’s “rollbacks,” which are discounts. It asserted that customers who were shopping at the checkout counter were misled into believing that they were paying the reduced pricing for products such as meats, poultry, and seafood throughout the transaction.

It was also stated in the lawsuit that Walmart had mislabeled the weight of bagged produce such as oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines by falsely advertising the weight as being greater than the actual weight of such grocery products. At the end of the previous year, Walmart struck a deal with its customers that consisted of paying them $45 million while denying any charges of misconduct.

In a statement that was released to CNN on Friday, Walmart stated that it “will continue to provide our customers with everyday low prices in order to assist them in saving money on the products that they want and need.” Despite the fact that we continue to refute the charges, we are of the opinion that a settlement would be in the best interest of both parties. A cash payout may be made available to any Walmart customer who made a purchase of weighted products and/or bagged citrus at a Walmart store, supercenter, or neighborhood market store in the United States or Puerto Rico between October 19, 2018, and January 19, 2024. This is in accordance with the conditions of the settlement.

Depending on the items that were purchased within the time period, the cash payments will be different.  Some of them are: A customer can swear to purchasing up to fifty weighted items and/or bagged citrus in person at a Walmart store within the settlement class period and receive a discount of ten dollars because they did not have a receipt. If they do not have a receipt or any other proof of purchase, they will be charged $15; nonetheless, they will be able to swear to purchasing between 51 and 75 weighted items and/or bagged citrus.

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